Please check out some of our most frequently asked questions below.

  • Does everyone qualify for Lifestyle Protection?

    At the moment, we’re only able to offer Quin to full-time (non-seasonal) W2 employees. To our freelancer and contract worker friends — we’re working on expanding Quin to as many people as possible soon. 


  • How much is my Lifestyle Protection benefit?

    Lifestyle Protection is part of your Quin membership, which costs as little as $20 a month. Upon qualifying for Lifestyle Protection by providing proof of your involuntary employment, you get up to $3,000 if you become unexpectedly unemployed. This is available in three equal monthly increments of up to $1,000. Quin’s mission is to help you get through times of unexpected unemployment, which typically last no more than 3 months.


  • How do my Quin benefits work?

    Your monthly Quin Membership will be applied to the Quin Card, and as you pay your Quin Membership each month, Quin will report those positive payments to the credit bureaus. We do this to establish a positive payment history — the single most important factor in building credit responsibly.

    Your Lifestyle Protection benefit will be delivered through the Quin card. We’ll pay off your credit card transactions (up to $1,000 in aggregate transactions per month for up to 3 months). 

  • When can I activate my Lifestyle Protection benefit?

    After 90 days of Quin membership, during which you must be employed full-time, your Lifestyle Protection benefit activates automatically and you’ll be covered if you’re unexpectedly unemployed. 


  • How is this different from my state unemployment benefits?

    Access to your state funds could take weeks or months to access 😔 Meanwhile, your Quin Lifestyle Protection funds can be accessed in just 24 hours. Quin’s Lifestyle Protection is in addition to whatever you receive for state benefits; you get up to $3,000 from Quin regardless of where you live or what you get from the state.