Authorization to Debit Funding Account – Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Months Free

Authorization to Debit Funding Account – Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Months Free

You hereby authorize Quin Ventures, Inc. (this “Authorization”) to initiate recurring electronic debit entries (and if necessary, electronically credit to correct erroneous debits) to your designated checking and/or savings account with your designated financial institution or from any other funding account or financial institution that you may later
designate (“Funding Account”). You are an authorized user of such Funding Account for the payment of any fees owed to Quin (“Quin Membership Fees”) and/or for payment to your Quin credit-card. You will not dispute Quin’s debit of any such Funding Account so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this Authorization. By selecting preauthorized electronic fund transfers as your payment method, you agree

  • The amount debited from your designated Funding Account will be the monthly Quin Membership fee and that
  • Quin Membership fees will be debited on the day you activate your membership and monthly thereafter. Your membership fees in months 3-6 are on US and will not be debited from your account. Example: Membership activated September 1st, membership fees debited as follows:
    • Payment due 9/1
    • Payment due 10/1
    • Payment due 11/1
    • No payment due 12/1
    • No payment due 1/1
    • No payment due 2/1
    • Payments due monthly 3/1 through 8/1

Quin Membership Fee
Quin requires a connected Funding Account to bill Quin Membership Fees. Quin Membership Fees are billed $40 per month, where the first payment due is the date you activate your Quin Membership. The Quin Membership Fee includes access to Lifestyle Protection benefits, access to the Quin Credit Card account, access to Funding Account
monitoring and notification services, and includes the maintenance of an active connection to the Funding Account (the “Quin Membership”). In the event of a Failed Payment you hereby authorize Quin to otherwise process the Failed Payment up to two more times, at which time, your membership will be cancelled after the third failed attempt. Should you choose to not renew your Quin Membership you agree to notify Quin at and request that your membership be cancelled and Funding Account be deleted.

Quin Membership Fee is reduced by 50% for the first 12 months of your membership. This means that Membership Fees are billed $20 per month starting the day your Quin Membership is activated and then monthly thereafter. All other details remain the same. You understand that the following terms apply to this authorization:

  • Your Funding Account will be debited (charged) and funds will be credited to pay your membership fees.
  • You acknowledge that you are an owner of the Funding Account that will be debited (charged) and that you have the authority to transact on the Funding Account.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to notify Quin of any changes in the ownership of the Funding Account that may affect this authorization.
  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are on deposit in the Funding Account on your scheduled payment date to make the payment as scheduled. In the event that funds are not available in the Funding Account and the entry is returned, you authorize Quin to process the failed payment up to two more times. There is no fee for returned payments. Your membership will be cancelled after the third failed attempt.
  • If the due date for your transfer falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, your transaction will occur on or after the next business day.
  • You understand that Quin relies on the information entered. If the information is incorrect, the payments may not be successful, which could result in your membership being cancelled.
  • You understand that the transaction you are authorizing pursuant to these terms and conditions must comply with all applicable laws.
  • This authorization will remain in effect unless/or until you notify Quin that you have revoked it.
  • If any payment is rejected or is reversed for any reason, that payment will be reversed on your membership and you will remain responsible for making your payments to Quin on balances owed.

You agree that this Authorization will remain in full force and effect until such time as Quin has received written notification from you terminating this Authorization at least 3 business days prior to any scheduled transfer. Notification to revoke your membership and subsequent authorization to debit your account can be emailed to