About Quin

70% of Americans have less than $1,000 they could get their hands on in an emergency (and that statistic is from before the pandemic). When it’s the norm to be one missed paycheck away from disaster, that’s not millions of irresponsible people—it’s a sign something is very broken.

Quin was founded on the principles of protecting people from economic uncertainties and making access to money uncomplicated. We provide our members with a financial safety net and tools to improve their economic well-being effortlessly.

We’re just getting started! We are excited to bring you a suite of financial safety measures, accessible to regular people, that benefit you even when times are good. We’re excited to grow with you toward financial wellness.

Our Values

The Team

Quin is proudly built for you by a team of tech and finance veterans, hailing from some of fintech’s most foundational, impactful, and recognizable companies. Together, we have over 60 years of collective experience across the entire financial ecosystem.

Create With Us

Quin is always on the lookout for awesome people. If you share our values and are passionate about building a complete financial wellness system for every American, please reach out and send your resume (and whatever else you want to share)!